Servers (A basic need)

What are Servers?

Any computerized process that can be used by another process is a server. Server with its clients

A server is a computer designed to process all the requests made by other computers over a local network or internet, and those computers are client actually. Server software deals with all tasks coming towards it or you can say it processes all the requests of clients and so a string hardware supports it in this. But, as the size of network increases so the hardware requirements. A more powerful hardware is required for such large networks.

There are some common types of servers

FTP Servers: To handle the file movement through File Transfer Protocol.

Email Servers: To handle sending and receiving emails in a network.

Web Servers: To show pages and to run apps in browsers.

Network Server Types:

Client-Server Network:

In client server network there is a computer that acts as a server and not as a workstation and all the workstation computers access it and perform their tasks. Now, it totally depends on the network, larger the network is, more servers will be available for completing processes and each server will perform a specific task assigned to it.

Peer-To-Peer Network:

In this network, all the computers can behave as server as well as client according to their need. It works for handling private things but it does not work very effectively for larger networks.

Specialized Servers:

These servers are for some special purposes like DNS i.e. Domain Name. This server holds a complete data of domain names, domain names are human-language names used on internet, and convert them into computer-language names( number addresses).

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