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All our warehouses are located in Australia. Our head office is in Sydney, Australia and we ship our products all over Australia. We tend to offer trustworthy shopping experience, fast delivery service and quality customer service to our consumers. Our aim is to dedicate ourselves and provide paramount products to our customers with affordable prices. Simply email us today for any enquiry.

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Browse and search our extensive product offering through our product catalog. We give our customers state of the art decision making resources which include the complete feature details of the products, products photos and customer reviews. Our customer support and sales team is available via email and phone to assist you and ensure a satisfactory shopping experience.

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We offer a variety of different hardware and software products to choose from. We have over 15,000 products including computers, notebooks, computer accessories, data storage devices, networking equipment and software solutions. We provide quick shipping services to all over Australia. Products are shipped from NSW, VIC, QLD or WA warehouse, depending on stock availability..

Refund, Return and Repair Policy

We would like to thank you for purchasing a product from us. Returns do occur at times, we recommend you to immediately inspect all products that we deliver to you for any manufacturing faults. If there is a problem with the product, the customer can choose to have a refund or the product replaced, or repaired but it can only happen if the product is faulty. Please view our complete Refund, Return and Repair Policy in more detail here.

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