1. Computer Care (IT Support Services Article)

    Computer care is essential as we take care of our other electronic equipment So as internal and the external parts of the computer must be cared of. Some of the activities performed such as Defragging, Scanning, and formatting to clean up the hard drive and to ensure that your computer is clean is a part of computer care. 

    See these simple 

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  2. Eight easy ways to improve performance and speed of computer

    When you work on PC and found it running slow,its time to recheck the speed of your Pc.People are wonder and ask, why my computer is running slow? The answer of this question is more complicated because there are several 

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  3. Eight Easy Ways to Improve the Battery Life of Your Power-Hungry Smartphones

    It’s so easy to become obsessed about the battery life of our smartphones. Perhaps, one day battery life will no longer be an issue, but today, battery capacity doesn’t seem to increase much. If you struggle to keep your smartphone operational for the whole day with single charge, you should do the following:

    1. Plug it in: This is very obvious, you need to plug your smartphone in, whenever you have a chance. You don’t need to wait until your smartphone nearly die. You can do this in the workplace and you can charge your phone while you are working. You don’t even need to bring a charger, you can simply connect your smartphone to your computer with the USB data cable.

    2. Adjust the power settings: High-end smartphones are quite ravenous due to their powerful hardware. Luckily, you can adjust the settings to reduce power consumption. As an example, you can reduce the screen brightness and it’s not really necessary to make it very brig

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  4. Five Ridiculous Mistakes That Employees Make With Their Computing Devices

    Many IT people share their thoughts on silly mistakes that they wish employees in their workplaces wouldn’t make.

    1. Forgetting to lock the computer: Many people forget to lock their computers when they walk away from their cubicles or office rooms. Your computer monitor isn’t meant for people to see. Although there may not be a rogue employee nearby who seeks to rifle through unlocked computers for confidential information, it is stillpossible someone will send joke emails in your name or do other things that cause you unnecessary troubles. 

    2. Leaking too much information: It’s easy to leak information by sending things accidentally to the wrong people. Employees may misplace important printed documents and send the wrong files to numerous recipients. It is important to re-read everything you say in instant messages and emails. Always make sure that what you send will reach the intended recipients. Befor

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  5. Servers

    Servers (A basic need)

    What are Servers?

    Any computerized process that can be used by another process is a server. Server with its clients

    A server is a computer designed to process all the requests made by other computers over a local network or internet, and those computers are client actually. Server software deals with all tasks coming towards it or you can say it processes all the requests of clients and so a string hardware supports it in this. But, as the size of network increases so the hardware requirements. A more powerful hardware is required for such large networks.

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